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About Lussoti

Great style starts with great shoes – and it’s thanks to a combination of factors that ours are shoes that epitomise quality.

Handmade using the finest leathers, our fashion-forward collection offers unrivalled style and sharp design.

We carefully craft each and every pair to bring you flawless Italian luxury, combining the very best of British and Italian style via pieces that will get you noticed.

Made with the style-conscious man in mind, Lussoti puts quality and attention to detail at its very core. In fact, so certain are we that you’ll love our shoes, we’ve put ‘luxury’ in their name.

Lussoti comes from the Italian word, ‘Lusso’ which means luxury. We’re not here to teach you Italian, though; we’re here to give you a lesson in premium footwear.   

Our founders have travelled far and wide with one mission in mind: to bring bespoke footwear to those looking for something a little different.

With no such luck, the creation of a new brand was the next logical step. A brand with quality and great workmanship at its core, but above all, a brand that knows its customers and what they’re looking for.

In short, Lussoti was born out of a need for luxurious, high quality leather shoes that don’t just deliver on comfort but look great too. Their search took them to the region of Tuscany where the brand began.

Ensuring a deep-rooted passion for superior men’s footwear was at the forefront of all they set out to achieve, our founders searched the globe for the finest leathers and shoe craftsmen.

Bringing together a skilled team of time-served craftsmen, Lussoti saw its long-awaited launch. Its aim? To walk away from the well-worn principles of mainstream shoemaking and instead manufacture premium footwear that offers both style and substance.