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Shoe Care


Once you have purchased your beautifully handmade Lussoti shoes, you will want to love and care for them and keep them in perfect condition.

The use of a Wooden shoe tree is very important as this will absorb moisture from the leather but also keep the shoes shape when not in use. - our shoe tree accessories are coming soon..

It is also advisable that the same shoe is not worn day in and day out this is because our Italian leather is high quality and will absorb any moisture from your feet, so the leather needs time to dry out.

The regular use of wax polish, not containing silicone, is also important in the care of leather shoes. shoes need to be wiped clean with a damp cloth first. our high quality dust bags can be used a polishing clothes on the go so if you need to shine them up whilst not in the house our dust bags give you the chance to do so.

 The important thing is to prevent the leather losing its natural oils.

These oils, which can be replenished by polishing, are the key to leather’s flexibility and strength. Even if you do not wish to wear your shoes straightaway, it’s important to nourish the leather. our shoe care range is coming soon..

For suede shoes, remove dirt when dry with a stiff brush, and then bring up the nap with a suede brush.

When you first get your Lussoti shoes its advisable to wear these around the house to bed them in and if you are to go out in them and get them very wet DO NOT put them near a heat source let them dry out naturally.


Please note due to our shoes being fully handmade and coloured there may be slight differences in the colours fro the website screen. this could be down to leather, colour dyes, and also your screen monitor.